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Father of 2, Jordan 23 and Alexis 17. I am a Sr. Mortgage Advisor licensed in the state of Washington. I have been originating mortgage loans since 1989, when I first started part time as a chance happening while working as an insurance agent for Pacific Cliffs Financial. The rest is history as I found what I am passionate about and really love.
I worked for a broker for about 6 months where I was required to go to loan processor training classes at North Seattle Community College in order to learn how the mortgage process works, the required documentation as well as how to read a title report, credit report, appraisal report and all of the other documentation that goes into underwriting a mortgage loan.
After realizing that working for a broker was not the best place for me to become a professional, I hired on with a mortgage bank that was a better fit for who I am and what I was about both personally as well as professionally. From that point on the rest is history.
I began to read and obtain all of the information I could. This was so that I could better serve my clients and the people who respected, trusted and came to me for help with their home mortgage loan and real estate needs.
I started by reading volumes upon volumes of old school 3″ and 4″ 3 ring binders with the FNMA (Fannie Mae), FHLMC (Freddie Mac), FHA and VA handbooks / servicing guides. As I remember it they were the sum of about a 12′ long filling cabinet top shelf covered in these binders nobody ever looked at. What I found was that after reading these manuals I knew what the guidelines were, what types of loans were available and most important of all was how to use this knowledge to get my clients approved as well as to meet their needs. Remember the old adage: Knowledge is Power? I did and that was true in this area.
Over the last 25 years I have seen many changes in the industry and because I take pride in my skill and knowledge I am a continual student seeking to learn all I can to improve myself and what I can offer to help my clients. I must add that over the last 7 years the changes could possibly cover the tops of that 12′ long cabinet and then some.
I have taken every opportunity to plug into the technology side of the industry as that is the direction we have gone over the last 2 decades. I am grateful to be considered technology savvy as it has enhanced my value and made me an asset to my clients and partners. I am still a student of the industry and learn all that I can about what is available and how it can help and enhance the lives of the general public, my clients and colleagues.
I have since written an extensive business plan that has instilled a people first, last and always attitude towards what we do and what we are about. I have some very big visions for the future and how I can give back to my local community. It has always been a desire of my heart to help others who can use a little help now and then. This year we have 2 main projects. The first is our back to school backpack and school supplies drive for areas most in need in Snohomish and King Counties. Our goal for this year is to raise 1,000 backpacks with 1,000 full sets of supplies for the children in need. The second is the Christmas toy and clothing drive for the Salvation Army. The goals are currently being set for the Christmas drive and will post the details when available.
I also have a desire to see those around me and that I work with succeed and obtain their goals, dreams and desires. I really love what I do and would not be happy doing anything else.
What I love most about working at Absolute Mortgage is their philosophy is to inform, educate and advise our clients throughout their mortgage process and beyond. We look globally at your financial needs. Our approach starts with our core values and the idea that Absolute Mortgage can help customers integrate an affordable home loan with their other financial goals and cash flow objectives. Don’t worry, we’re easy to work with. We provide valuable professional advice combined with exceptional customer service – always.
Allow me to serve your needs and make the dream of home ownership a reality.
You can only get what you give away! So if you want to work with a local expert that is ready, willing and able to give contact Carl today.


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